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a multi-talented internet personality

MSPUIYI, Full name: Siew Pui Yi. A Malaysian social media personality
Born: August 1, 1998 (age 24 years), Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MSPUIYI is a multi-talented internet personality who has made a name for herself as an international DJ, artist, actress, producer, singer, influencer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Kiseki Skincare and MSPUIYI Cosmetics, which are two of her successful business ventures. At the young age of 24, MSPUIYI has achieved remarkable accomplishments in her career. She made history as the first and only Southeast Asian to be featured on the cover of Penthouse January Pet of the Month. And since short, she is Live and Only on SWAG! Click here to preview her profile with movies!

I like sharing my life with my fans by sharing my pictures
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A social Media Talent she is!

She has also been featured in many magazines and podcasts, where she passionately expresses her interest in female empowerment. MSPUIYI has starred in the films “PULAU” and “KL Love Story” this year, demonstrating her versatility and talent in acting. She recently made a career shift to become a DJ and has already made a significant impact in the industry. Within a month of starting her DJ career, she was voted into the FDJ LIST TOP 100 2022, which is a prestigious recognition in the music world. MSPUIYI has performed in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Myanmar. She was the first DJ ever invited to perform at the ASTRO TV CNY SHOW in Malaysia, which is a testament to her talent and popularity. Overall, MSPUIYI is a rising star in various industries, and her talents, passion, and determination continue to drive her success.

Her Social Media Accounts

MSPUIYI has a strong social media presence. She has official accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, TikTok, where she frequently shares updates about her career, as well as photos and videos of her performances and travels. Her social media handles are “@mspuiyiofficial” on Instagram, “@mspuiyiofficial” on Twitter, and “MSPUIYI” on Facebook and YouTube.

Educapital Foundation Scholarship

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Ms. Pui Yi has announced her foray into the education sector by offering RM4.4 million (US$1 million) worth of scholarships to underprivileged students. She shared the news on her Instagram account on February 14, expressing her desire to give back to society, and acknowledging that not everyone has access to equal educational opportunities. Despite wanting to become a surgeon, financial constraints forced her to pursue a degree in business while working part-time as a model. She now hopes to offer equal opportunities to deserving students who cannot afford the education they need to succeed. The 24-year-old, whose real name is Siew Pui Yi, will partner with Educapital Foundation to offer scholarships to underprivileged students globally, including in Malaysia. Each student will receive RM4,404 (US$1,000) to pursue their desired field of study, in addition to financial hardship grants during their studies and business startup grants post-graduation. The application process involves students indicating their field of study, ranging from artist management to medical assistance and even cannabis culinary.

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Ms. Puiyi Confirms That She’s Done With OnlyFans

Malaysian influencer Siew Pui Yi, aka MSPUIYI, is among the most popular OnlyFans models in the world. Her page has millions of followers, and she says she makes “seven figures a month” in subscriptions. MSPUIYI never planned to create an OnlyFans account, but when her private nude photos were stolen from her laptop and held for ransom, she decided to take control of the situation. Instead of paying the demanded amount, she chose to monetize the photos by starting an OnlyFans account. “I didn’t want someone else to have control over my photos,” she explained

I believe in expressing my sexuality in a healthy way and sharing it on the internet is not wrong. It’s a basic human need and it also helps to boost my confidence. My hope is that by sharing my photos, I can help my followers boost their body confidence and self-esteem too,” said MSPUIYI. Her OnlyFans page became very popular and earned her more money than she ever expected. This led to her landing roles in a film, music videos, and even a shoot for Penthouse.

In December 2022, Puiyi announced her retirement from the platform. And recently, she confirmed that she’s totally done with OnlyFans for good as she’s moving forward with her DJ and acting career. According to a report, she revealed that she’ll be appearing in more films soon, although she didn’t reveal the release dates or names of the movies. Last year in October, Puiyi completed filming for KL Love Story, where she plays a homewrecking DJ. She also mentioned that she has another single coming out soon. When asked about being seen as a sex symbol, she said that she doesn’t let the public’s perception bother her.

So what’s new?

MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi), Malaysia’s most popular internet celebrity. With her every move making headlines, she abruptly announced her retirement from OnlyFans. She now is Signed by SWAG, Taiwan’s famous live-streaming platform, at a sky-high price, her last work with exclusive content will be released on the platform starting today (6th). SWAG revealed that MsPuiyi, a well-known user of Taiwan’s social media platforms PTT and Dcard, had a large following on OnlyFans with tens of thousands of fans worldwide. To soften the blow for her fans caused by her unexpected retirement, SWAG contacted her beforehand and offered her a contract worth enough to buy a new house in Taipei. Additionally, exclusive “live content” from MsPuiyi will be available on the platform starting December 6th.

At a press conference earlier, MsPuiyi (Siew Pui Yi) announced that she would be ending updates on OnlyFans and leaving the industry to pursue her dream of becoming a DJ. With great determination, she symbolically popped a black balloon with negative tags to signify rebirth. Despite the emotional announcement, the news of her retirement garnered over 200,000 likes on IG and supportive comments such as “Good for you, wish you the best!!”, “Great move planning for your future!”, “I will definitely support you on SWAG”, and “See you on SWAG“.

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