March 20, 2023

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The White Paper

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The most extensive live-streaming platform for adults in Asia, SWAG, has introduced the initial white paper on adult industry data in Taiwan named “SWAG INSIGHTS REPORT.” Within the document, SWAG discloses the most prevalent topics, frequently visited pages, preferred content, and creators in 2022. Additionally, the report also includes intriguing details, such as the total number of seconds that viewers have forwarded. By employing appealing diagrams and statistics, readers can gain an understanding of the primary highlights of the industry in 2022.

List of contents

Time has changed the habits and behaviors of people online. This White Paper gives you an honest insight into user data that is generated by the Millions of users living and working in Taiwan visiting the live sex cam website SWAG.

The most popular hashtags in 2022 <top>

Hashtags are significant in directing users to their desired content while browsing adult websites. What are the top 10 hashtags on SWAG in 2022, and how have they trended between quarters? Please refer to the chart below for more information. Only the top 10 official preset hashtags are used to calculate the proportion here, excluding the creator-coined hashtags. Reflecting on SWAG’s 111 preset hashtags in 2022, the most frequently clicked hashtag was #BigTits, which surpassed #Oral by a significant margin. Moreover, it was discovered that 16.88% of users who used the search function would select the #BigTits hashtag, indicating that one out of every six users who used hashtags was interested in this topic.

The most clicked hashtags among global users <top>

The regions featured in this report are determined based on user behavior, and they are arranged in numerical order of rank. Ranking the hashtags by region, #Big Tits consistently placed among the top three in each region. The rankings also disclosed that audience preferences varied across regions. For instance, the hashtag #Petite only appeared in the Taiwanese rankings, while #Masturbation and #Maid were exclusive to the Thai rankings.

The quarterly trend of hot hashtags <top>

After dividing the data for 2022 into four quarters for trend analysis, a considerable shift in hashtag popularity was observed during the fourth quarter. The hashtags #Gangbang, #College-girl, and #Pregnant gained prominence, while #doggy style, #Missionary, and #Teen, which had been leading in the first three quarters, had to relinquish their positions. The symbol of a green triangle with a ‘+’ sign indicates an increase in ranking, whereas the symbol of a red triangle with a ‘-’ sign represents a decrease in ranking.

The top-selling AV hashtags of 2022 | Overall <top>

SWAG highly values and respects the content of each creator. Therefore, the creators themselves are authorized to edit the hashtags for their videos. Among the themed AV sales, the most popular hashtags were #Oral, accounting for 24%, followed by #Masturbation and #Missionary. Additionally, regional preferences were observed, with #露點 (nipples or pussy) appearing only in the Taiwanese list, #痴女 (Hypersexual Woman) only appearing in the Japanese list, and #Hairless making the top 10 only in Malaysia and Singapore.

The quarterly trend of best-selling hashtags <top>

Although there was some consistency in the search trends for hashtags across the quarters, the competition for themed AV sales was intense throughout 2022, resulting in significant variations in the best-selling hashtags from quarter to quarter. While #Oral remained the top-selling hashtag for the first three quarters, the fourth quarter saw the emergence of five new themes on the list. Notably, #露臉 (face showing)” experienced a significant surge in popularity, appearing on the list since the third quarter and eventually claiming the top spot in the fourth quarter. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Malaysian adult influencer MsPuiYi posted her first exclusive adult video on SWAG on December 6, 2022. Within just one month, the hashtag #MsPuiYi had already attained the 13th spot on the popular themes list for the fourth quarter, despite having only one video.

Video hashtag with the highest unlock rate <top>

Based on the unlocked viewing ratio, the top theme was “sexy toys” under the hashtag #情趣用品, followed by #孟若羽 also known as #暗黑楊丞琳. On average, one out of every 20 people who accessed related content was willing to spend diamonds to unlock and archive it. The list features two creators with unique characteristics and personal IDs. One is #yidhra, who has a naturally large I-cup bust and a loyal following under the hashtag #i cup. The other is #娜娜 (nanalittlepupy), who used #臉奶 (face & boobs)” to upload multiple videos featuring her face and breasts in the same frame.

The most popular creators | Overall <top>

In terms of the number of diamond consumers, the most popular performer for SWAG in 2022 was @ladyyuan, who held the top spot for two consecutive years. Supporters of @ladyyuan made up 35% of all diamond consumers, which means that on average, one out of every three diamond consumers unlocked her performances or videos. The 2022 Top 10 List featured five new creators, including @lolabb, who made it to the 5th place as a rookie of 2022.

Annual fast-growing creators <top>

In 2022, @lolabb had the highest growth in diamond-consuming supporters compared to 2021, and she ranked 5th on the list of most popular creators. Moreover, many impressive new stars joined the platform in 2022, including @imyourvenus, @tailaqueen, @xninax, and @floratsts, all of whom gave excellent performances in terms of earning diamonds.

Ranking list of diligent creators | live-streaming <top>

In 2022, the number of effective live shows on SWAG that lasted longer than 5 minutes increased by 23% compared to 2021. The most dedicated creator was @lessikitty, who went on air for 362 days, almost the entire year. @miyukibaby had the most uploaded videos, totaling 363 days of uploads on SWAG. She was the champion in both the number of paid stories (short videos with a specified unlocking expiry date) and delicate posts (long videos without an unlocking expiry date and over 1 minute in length).

The most clicked hashtags in Taiwan <top>

When discussing the browsing habits of Taiwanese users separately, the most frequently clicked hashtag across Taiwan was still #Big Tits. The second most popular one among users in Taipei was #Creampie. In other cities, the hashtag #Oral received more interest. Moreover, the hashtag #Gangbang only appeared in the click list of Taipei. The rankings of other hashtags were roughly the same, indicating a similarity in preferences among the audiences in Taiwan.

The best-selling hashtags in Taiwan <top>

In cities throughout Taiwan, the top two hashtags based on the number of unlockings were Oral and Masturbation, listed from left to right. The remaining top ten hashtags were also quite similar, with only slight variations in their order. This pattern highlights a shared preference among audiences across different cities in Taiwan, whether they were simply clicking or actually unlocking videos.

Users’ average online times in Taiwan <top>

In the cities of Taiwan where there is a high concentration of SWAG users (six municipalities plus Hsinchu), users in Hsinchu have the highest average online time of 6.98 minutes, earning them the top spot. Meanwhile, Taichung ranks last with an average of 6.24 minutes, which falls below the national average for all SWAG users in Taiwan.

The Ranking of Unlocked Videos <top>

The most frequently unlocked video on SWAG in 2022 was the platform’s original production, “Gorgeous Dealer Theme Video,” featuring @feifeibebe. This video comprised 8.96% of all unlockers, indicating that one out of every eleven users who unlocked videos purchased and saved this particular one. In addition, @jenniebebee won first place among videos created by individual creators with her work “Valentine’s Day Special,” thus earning her the title of a representative creator for SWAG’s 2022 video content.

The ranking of videos by playing frequency <top>

Another perspective was taken into consideration by analyzing the number of views of videos, which was influenced by the April promotion of free viewing and marketing campaign. The video created by @imkowan received the highest number of views among the top 10 most popular videos. The video SWYP-0009, which sparked widespread discussions on PTT, one of the most renowned forums in Taiwan, was also included in the list and is now available for free. You are invited to watch the video.

The ranking for the most replayed videos <top>

In 2022, @hannababe was the creator with the top two positions for the most replayed videos by a single user after unlocking. Her video titled “The amazing mini sex machine!” took the first spot, with an impressive average of 8.1 repeated views per unlocking.

Analysis of fast-forward behavior <top>

SWAG is a platform that caters to night owls. What are the most active hours? If we tally up the fast-forward seconds used by users, how many years would it total? In 2022, 91.81% of SWAG users who unlocked videos utilized the fast-forward function. Among all users, those in Thailand had the highest fast-forward rate of 93.25%, while Vietnamese users had the lowest rate at only 84.98%. If we add up all the fast-forward time, it amounts to 5.78 billion seconds, equivalent to roughly 183 years. This is longer than the duration of the Jin Dynasty (266-420 AD), the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589 AD), and the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD).

Analysis of archive item review <top>

During 2022, on average, 10.72% of SWAG’s users reviewed their favorite items in the “archive” section each week. Users in Taiwan had the highest usage rate, with 12.01% reviewing their favorite items per week, while users in Japan had the lowest review rate of 6.02%.

The users’ average online time <top>

After categorizing users based on their regions and measuring their online activity, it was found that users from Singapore had the highest average online time of 6.66 minutes. Conversely, users from Mainland China and Vietnam had a lower average online time of 5.35 minutes.

Prime Hours | Overall <top>

In the year 2022, the day with the highest number of online users on SWAG was Sunday. The busiest hour for users was between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM, while the least active hour was from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM. If we break it down further, the average number of online users was highest between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM on Wednesdays, and lowest from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM on Tuesdays.

Prime Hours | Overall <top>

SWAG offers a wide range of adult entertainment services, with slightly different prime hours across the four main categories: paid live streaming, item unlocking, private chatting, and diamond gifting. During the peak hours (22:00 – 3:00), paid live streaming accounts for the most activity, while the remaining hours (4:00 – 21:00) are primarily focused on item unlocking.

Prime Hours | Services <top>

SWAG introduced its live streaming feature in June 2020, which has since become the most sought-after category on the website. In 2022, the “live streaming page” had the highest traffic, including both registered users and unregistered visitors, with a whopping 766 million views in a year and an average of 2 million visits per day. The second most popular page was “Stories,” which had over 150 million views throughout the year, and the stories are set to expire in a few days.

Statistics on the screen before the user logs out <top>

Based on the 2022 data, only offline records with an online duration of more than 5 minutes were taken into account, and the most frequent page that users stayed on before logging out was the “live streaming home page,” comprising 24.4% of all logouts.

The change in user habits <top>

In 2022, there was a 13.4% increase in the usage of paid live-streaming services among diamond consumers compared to 2021. The engagement in live interaction and chatting was also higher. On the other hand, there was a slight decrease of 1.43% in the engagement of item-unlocking services. It is important to note that a single user can be counted in different user groups simultaneously, as they may use multiple services.

2022 SWAG’s Operation Secret <top>

  • Creation supply
    In 2022, SWAG saw a significant expansion in the count of creators producing various forms of content, with a particularly notable increase in live streaming. The number of time-bound shows, curated by creators and charged for by viewers, doubled when compared to the previous year.
  • User analysis
    In 2022, SWAG experienced a slight decline in the number of paying customers. Nevertheless, there was a notable increase in the number of visitors and content viewers, with the number of unique viewers in the live-streaming room doubling. As a token of appreciation to its users, SWAG offered some complimentary items, distributed diamonds or experience tickets, and provided exclusive discounts during special occasions.
  • Free diamonds
    In 2022, SWAG granted its users 1.3 billion diamonds for free as a reward for logging in, participating in events, and sharing referral codes. This amounted to 7.41 million minutes of paid live streaming, 5.56 million short videos or stories, 740,000 posts (videos with content lasting more than one minute), and 1.11 million show tickets for viewing limited-time performances. These offers were available to all users.
  • Diamond earning statistics
    Based on the 2022 data, the average earning of live-stream creators per hour of streaming is 85 USD. Moreover, more than 600 performers earned an additional 30 USD per hour of streaming. These numbers indicate that live-streaming on SWAG can be a profitable career option. There are both part-time and full-time creators who captivate their viewers while also earning more than the average income of office workers.