Sex In The MRT

Sex In The MRT is a unique and popular series on SWAG Sex Articles. MRT is Mass Rapid Transit and is a standard transportation method in big cities like Taipei and Kaohsiung. As the Taipei MRT is the earliest and most well-known in Taiwan, Creators Bonny (SWAG ID:bonnybb), Lena(SWAG ID:ladylena), Ariel (SWAG ID:arielbb), LinLin(SWAG ID:linlinbebe) and Wawa (SWAG ID:princessdolly) found some producers to build the set based on it. Since this is a special SWAG MRT carriage, it’s filled with sexy SWAG ads and posters to arouse you! Creators all have beautiful faces, and sexy figures, and their heads are full of the sluttiest ideas ever. They worked with the producers to create the craziest and kinkiest porn stories! What are these videos? Let’s find out!

Meet 2 Strangers In A Late-night MRT

Wawa (SWAG ID:princessdolly) has been in the adult industry for years. Started as a model, but then she found passion in making porn, so she joined and became one of our most famous Creators. She’s diligent and always seeks perfection in her videos. Besides, she’s very friendly to her fans. She likes to share her with users live and she wants to make customized videos for them. In this video, Wawa takes the last MRT home after work. Her curvy figure attracts two chikans’ attention. They can’t help themselves but touch her while she’s asleep in the MRT. Their touch wakes and arouses her, so she invites them to have sex together in the MRT. They’re so into sex that they even miss the stop. In the end, these 2 guys give princedolly a facial and she comes home happy with her face full of cum.

They Almost Caught Me Using The Love Egg In train

LinLin(SWAG ID:linlinbebe)  is our gorgeous petite Creator. Fans are extremely into her college girl look and how her silky hair moves when she’s having sex. Besides, she likes to spoil her fans. From time to time, she gives special videos to them. If you want to interact with her more, join her live streams! You can use diamonds to commend her to do sexy things for you! In this video, slutty college girl LinLin encounters a guy who has voyeurism. LinLin is taking the MRT with a vibrator in her vagina as she’s horny all the time and it’s the cure to her lust. That guy gets excited once he notices her, and he starts to secretly masturbate. LinLin notices him, and she’s totally turned on by his action! At last, she seduces him and they fuck in the MRT where there are many passengers sleeping. They are so shameless that LinLin doesn’t care about the other passengers but screams loudly when she reaches the O town.

Hentai Orders By My Boyfriend

Ariel (SWAG ID:arielbb) has earned lots of affection and fame on SWAG because of her high-quality porn! She’s open to any advice from her fans and she knows how to turn her fan’s fantasies into appealing content. Additionally, she likes to go on dates with her fans. So if you want to know more about her in real life, you should message her! What is NTR? The Japanese word NTR or netorare means cheating or sleeping with someone. When it comes to porn, it is a genre about cheating. Usually, in NTR porn, one person is cheating on the partner with that partner present. Many people find it very exciting, so NTR has become popular in Asia. Since arielbb’s boyfriend is into NTR, he wants people to see her fucking other people in front of him. One day when she’s taking the MRT, he forces her to masturbate when they Skype and he even asks her to seduce one passenger. That passenger gets so aroused that he fucks her fiercely in the video call. Ariel and that guy play a great sex show in front of her boyfriend. Finally, her boyfriend gets satisfied that he cums all over the screen!

Sex With My Boyfriend In The MRT

Most users are familiar with Lena(SWAG ID:ladylena) because of her attractive E-cup boobs. She’s good at giving you the best girlfriend experience. Fans who have gone on a date with her all said she has given them a great time. Lena says the key to making her fans happy is to listen to them and take care of their feelings. She also thinks communication is the key to a great date, so she suggests fans to chat with her on SWAG.Live before going on a date. She also hopes she can be the one to relieve your stress every night by making the best porn. What are you waiting for? Message her now! Lena wants to fuck her boyfriend in the MRT, so she starts to suck his dick under a jacket. The cover of the jacket is useless because passengers can still see her head moving up and down. Soon, her boyfriend gets too excited that she stands up to let her suck his cock deeper. This scene turns on other male passengers, and then they start to jerk off. Later, her boyfriend fingers her to pay back the great oral she gave him. At last, he fucks her from the back in front of all the passengers and they come together!

Sexy Encounter In The MRT

Bonny (SWAG ID:bonnybb)is our long-legged Creator. Fans enjoy the sight of her sexy legs and what’s in between. Bonny is very professional and she knows how important her company is to her fans. Therefore, she’s in the chatroom almost 24/7. She finds comfort in chatting and meeting with her fans. Bonny meets a muscular guy’s gaze in the MRT. Since that guy looks attractive, Bonny keeps shooting him her charming gaze and even tries to seduce him when no one’s looking at her. How would anyone miss this great opportunity with her? Finally, when there’s no one around, he fucks her on the ground and she totally loses herself!