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On SWAG, there are various avenues through which you can accumulate diamonds. By engaging in live streaming, video uploads, private messaging, and several other methods, you have the chance to earn these precious gems. The amount of diamonds you acquire directly corresponds to the level of effort you invest. With the added benefit of connecting intimately with your audience through the webcam, your potential profits become boundless. You have the freedom to select from a range of interaction methods that align with your preferences, enabling you to establish a consistent income. Stay dedicated to SWAG, and witness the growth of your earnings! >> [Signup now] <<

The best start! Public Mode

If you’re new to SWAG, we’re committed to helping you gain rapid fame, and we have a special opportunity for you to achieve that: a spot in our Public mode. This feature will significantly enhance your visibility and assist you in quickly building a following. In Public mode, everyone has the chance to earn diamonds by showcasing their talents such as singing, dancing, and performing captivating shows that are known to be crowd-pleasers. Thanks to our substantial traffic and supportive community, new models on SWAG typically earn an average of $60 per hour!

Ignite your earnings! Private Mode

Within the Private Mode section, individuals compensate you for specific shows or acts. SWAG provides performers with diverse opportunities to earn money through our member base. We have introduced various games that your audience can engage in with you, utilizing diamonds as currency. In Private mode, your options expand beyond performing alone. This particular domain allows you to prioritize your income and foster the growth of your career as a prosperous performer.

Catch it before it disappears Limited-Time Show

You have the freedom to establish your own schedule, make advance show announcements, gather tickets, and commence when your eager audience is ready and waiting for you. If you prefer to plan your shows in advance, the limited-show mode is an excellent option. This mode caters to creative individuals and those who manage their own social media platforms, offering multiple choices to suit different preferences. It is the perfect solution for saving time while still ensuring a highly enjoyable experience filled with fun!

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SWAG is the biggest social and creation platform in Asia. It helps people who make content and do adult live performances to earn lots of money and make new online friends and relationships. SWAG offers many different ways to earn money. We work closely with government agencies and iWIN to make sure everything is legal and safe. We watch carefully and protect our users.
The platform needs to follow rules for verifying identities, so we have to make sure that online models are 18 years or older and operating the system on their own. Later on, when we send payments, we will need to confirm who you are. This is just for keeping track of things correctly.
On SWAG, there are many ways to earn diamonds such as streaming live, uploading videos, and sending private messages. The more effort you put in, the more diamonds you can earn. You can earn as many diamonds as you want!
Sure! SWAG agrees with the Creator's choices. Once you pass the model check, you don't have to show your face to our viewers. If you're an authorized creator, you're allowed to decide if you want to keep your face hidden.
Sure! At SWAG, we believe that every performer is valuable and deserves our complete focus and expertise. So, we provide each model with a personal manager who will be available to you for all your requirements.