5 Effective Ways – Make More Diamonds on Swag

Swag Diamonds

5 effective ways to earn more diamonds on Swag means you’ll be ahead of the game. You should never underestimate your worth when working on the site. We totally appreciate the time and effort you put in to make your profile extra special. That’s why we are happy to present you with 5 effective ways to earn more diamonds on Swag.live.

Harnessing Fans on Swag.live

Think how many times you’ve watched a good film, read a good book or had a delicious meal in a restaurant. Now, count how many times you’ve left a positive review about your experience. I bet it’s next to none, isn’t it? It’s funny how people are so quick to complain when things are not up to our expectations but almost always forget to give praise where it’s due.

Our busy lives don’t often lend us the time (or so we think) and we sometimes need a gentle reminder to act in positive ways. Asking your fans for positive affirmations shows that you care about them, and it should be part of your normal routine while online. Make a point of requesting reviews and asking them to follow you. Followers gain an advantage over others because they get all the latest news first. They get to find out when new content has been posted, perhaps they are even notified when you are online.

Don’t be shy about sharing the praise (although ofc don’t ever share the fans name), something like ‘M from London’ will suffice.

Creating the Need with Content

more diamonds on swag

When you’ve spent many hours creating content, it’s tempting to fill up your profile with all your new glossy pictures and videos. However, gradually adding them over the following days creates a need in your followers and an exciting expectation whilst they await the next upload. It also ensures you are amongst the top content creators and make more diamonds on Swag.

Teasing gives so much more pleasure than going all out on the first date. In general, the longer we have to wait for something, the greater the prize becomes. Try and drip-feed to your fans and followers and you’ll see how easy it is to retain their attention for a much longer period.

Understand Your Worth in Diamonds

Never let anyone underestimate what you are worth. Oftentimes people like to downplay your value and will use all manner of ways to get you to think the same. Don’t get caught up in their game play! We all know that cheaper is definitely not better. So, if someone starts telling you that they can get the same service or content elsewhere for less, don’t listen. If you want to do special offers, that’s fine and it’s often a good way to get new interest in your service or content. However, don’t fall for the spur of the moment requests or demands. Any discounts you make should be thought through in advance and be part of a pre-defined strategy.

Understanding your worth can make you one of the incredibly successful and famous models on Swag much quicker than you might imagine. Let’s get on your way to make more diamonds on Swag.

Making the Most of the System

One of the most common errors is to start working on a platform without fully understanding how it all works. Being keen to get started is great but we often miss the basics and then don’t get to take full advantage of everything that’s on offer.

more diamonds on swag

Even the simple things like becoming familiar with the worth of Diamonds on Swag.live are actually perhaps the most crucial part of the service. Knowing whether to charge 1000 or 5000 diamonds can mean a huge difference to your income. This will help you to make more diamonds on Swag.

If for example your monthly earnings are based upon a certain level of diamonds, you need to know right away what the difference in those levels actually are. It could be a simple case of working an extra hour or two at the end of the month to dramatically increase your earnings. It is that easy to make more diamonds on Swag.

Try and spend some time assessing your fellow creators and models pricing and think about how you could do it better or appear to be more attractively priced to potential fans and spenders. Charging higher amounts of diamonds may mean you have less traffic but the spenders you do get will most likely be of a higher quality.

Creating a Timetable

Just like your favourite soap or the next great thing on Netflix, sticking to a timetable allows your fans to become familiar with you. If they can expect you to be online at a particular time or day of the week, you immediately create a need. Knowing that you always post new content on a Friday, gives you greater capacity to encourage regulars and create a constant flow of traffic to both your content and your online self.

A teaser which promises forthcoming content (such as you see for the latest new series or film) builds up expectations within your fans. As long as you stick to your promised schedule, you’ll start building up regulars and your fan base will grow.

If you can’t fulfil the promise however, you must let people know. They’d rather be momentarily disappointed than be left feeling ignored.

Make the absolute most out of your time of Swag.live and don’t hesitate to ask for advice whenever you feel the need. We hope you enjoyed this post about making more diamonds on Swag.