Sex Against Gravity!

Fuck gravity and have some sex in the elevator

Elevators, every building with a decent number of floors has them, they are handy and make life comfortable. They are loved by everyone, and they fight gravity in a gentle way. If you are lucky, there is music on board, mostly a romantic piano song, although it will offer no comfort when things come to a standstill. Elevators are an essential part of comfortable living as long they work and function properly. Whenever the topic of elevators comes up with guys, 9 out of the 10 times they ask each other if they have ever done it in an elevator. For some strange reason, elevators have made a binding connection with sex. As we did with Food and Electricity, we managed to sexualize also the elevator. And it is no secret that in 2023 elevators are in the lift for those searching for a new thrill.

The Dutch did it first on TV – Scary but Erotic

One of the first sexualizations in elevators was in the movie “The Lift” made in the Netherlands in the early 80s. During a lift defect, the oxygen started to decrease and 4 people inside the elevator ended up fucking each other before they passed out causing of oxygen shortage. The tension in that scene, with the pressure of possible death, was a key element in this Dutch Thriller. I have the complete movie for you here and took the liberty to open it at a sexy but suffocating moment.

I’m not a fan of elevator sex, its too quick. I mean… what are you supposed to do for the rest of the ride?

Johnas69, Member of

What’s so special about the Elevator?

What makes it so exciting to have sex in an elevator? Is it the idea you are in a small space and you have minimal room to maneuver, so it will be as basic as it gets? Or is the idea that you have only a few moments of time to get things done? Are you ready to do it in 30 seconds, that is about 8 floors of valuable time. Getting up in her gets a double meaning but in a hurry? There is the stop button, but some trigger the alarm, and that adds more fire to the one you are heating up already. The older ones are a pain in the ass, they come with handlebars you can still use for support. They also have the ability to give you an idea of how to stop between floors when you watch through the openings. It helps a little to mumble the sounds your partner will release when muff-diving her on the 11th floor. The older elevators also do not have cameras, so that gives you a little more time to spend on fucking her brains out. And … if you did it successfully, are you going to clean up after?

Let’s talk positions and How You can do it in the Elevator!

Elevators are modern these days, they have music, and… cameras. Make sure you pick the ones that do not have to save yourself some time and have a prominent place in someone’s recorded movie folder. Or when you have the option, tape it off. Picking a good moment of the day might help here. Evenings and nighttimes can be more peaceful in some areas of the town. When you can do it, you will have to do it standing up. Unless you have a very big elevator to your service you can do 69 then it is all fine but 99% of the chances are you are forced to fuck her while standing up straight! We have the 6 best possible positions for you!

Yourself on the Shelf

How to do it: This one requires a bit of quad and glute strength. The top picks up the bottom and then grabs the bottom by its booty to penetrate while standing up.
Benefits: This is one of those positions that are hot simply because you can pull it off. It also allows for great eye contact and deep penetration.

The Elevator

How to do it: This oral sex position really needs no explanation. The bottom drops to their knees and goes down on their partner.
Benefits: If you’re on the receiving end, there’s something hot about having your partner look up at you as you get blown!

Did you know…

…that if you pick out a building with more than 1 elevator your chances of getting caught are slimmer?
…that any modern elevator is monitored by security?
…that having the panties removed before stepping in an elevator saves you stress?

The Ballet Dancer

How to do it: Facing one another, the bottom simply raises one of their legs and wraps it around the top’s buttocks or thighs. The bottom pulls the top into them using their leg.
Benefits: This is a great option for quickies in small spaces and outdoor sex. Also, it’s a great position for making out.

Standing O

How to do it: One partner stands upright with hands tied up above them. The second partner gets down on their knees and orally stimulates their partner, leg draped around their shoulder.
Benefits: for women, this position is great for manual and oral stimulation for men, they’re just getting a sexy blowjob with their hands tied behind their heads!

Did you know also…

…that an Elevator Miss of a Japanese Department Store got caught sucking off a client on cam [vid here]
…that a couple once got stuck for hours having sex in an elevator was identified [see their social media here]
…that a girl got clamped between the elevator doors and became prey for a guy caught on cam [vid here]

The Quickie Fix

How to do it: The bottom bends over as if they are trying to touch their toes. The top then grabs the bottom by the waist and thrusts.
Benefits: There’s great thrusting power from this position. It’s also incredibly hot for quickie sex—the giver can easily lift up their partner’s skirt and go to town.

The Iron Chef

How to do it: The bottom should prop itself up on a desk, kitchen counter, laundry machine, etc. They then wrap their legs around the top’s butt. Benefits: It’s a great sex position for a quickie with deep penetration

Couples are considering it for sure!

As we said, sex in the elevator can be very thrilling and exciting. Everyone should do it at least one time in his life. The Elevator sex dream ranks almost just as high as fucking in the toilet of an airplane. Couples who are in love will certainly consider doing it anywhere anytime. Love makes people do crazy things, and not being able to keep your hands to yourself is just as natural as the urge to kiss her. The elevator is the best place to level things up a little. So when you are a young (or older) couple, read on a little more.

At work I put my desk in the elevator This should take my career to a whole new level

AsiaFetishB_ob, member of

Can you make it happen without planning?

Besides planning sex on exciting and uplifting locations, there is also the possibility you are put into the situation without knowing it forehand. In some cases, blackouts, and power interruptions, that last for hours on end turn into spontaneous sex explosions between the people who are trapped. Finding yourself in a situation like this can be challenging. In all cases, it started with the temperature. When locked up in a small box the inevitable happens, and the temperature rises. Who is the first one who will take off his coat, jacket, sweater, blouse… and more? There is no fighting against the heat, and when you are locked in a confined space with just each other, then this is perhaps the peek of intimacy between 2 strangers, and a happy ending is not so bad at all. Make lemonade when life throws you lemons. America is the record-holding Spontaneous Sex In Elevator record cause of its many high buildings, but since short Asian buildings, skyscrapers, and other high community buildings have been the background for many sexual adventures, some are even recorded.

We have some unique recordings found in Asia

Strange enough, the newest trend in Asian Porn Video Areas is about Sex In elevators or other public places, metro and busses are popular locations too, but there is an uplifting stream of content available now, and I will take the liberty to show off some of the material I found online. As I said before in this article, preparation is a key element for a successful sexual encounter. You might play with the idea now of having your first sexual experience in an elevator, maybe cause it sounds exciting, maybe because it is just something you can do with a little bit of investigation. First Make a “dry run” first. Keep track of times between floors so you can plan what your options are. Keep in mind that people can see you from other sides of the building. Your perspective can be different than that of anyone else. Leave no evidence behind. This is a very important part. People who live in the building can consider you a sex terrorist and then we have a whole different setting when they call the police. Your sexual fantasy landscape transforms in prison! In some countries is it by law forbidden to have sex in public places, and elevators are public, no matter if the doors are open or closed.

Acts of performing nudity in public are a No-no

If the idea of ending up in jail gets you horny and hard, then this whole article has raised your heartbeat and you started to scout buildings in the back of your mind already. Acts of nudity are forbidden in many countries, and they can bring you a lot of problems. When you do get caught, you are on your own, but here are some things for you to keep in mind to keep out of jail!

1 Use an “out of order” sign for an elevator, people never think too much about it.
2 Don’t make many sounds, you are in a hollow shaft and sounds travel far!
3 Don’t fuck anyone in a glass elevator, people WILL SEE YOU!
4 No need to get romantic in the elevator, don’t use candles!
5 Wait till late at night when most people sleep
6 Mind the shaking movements, it can upset the elevator

It is worth it!

Having sex in an elevator is worth the hassle you have to go through to have this experience. It brings you a tremendous rush and if your relationship is in a stalling phase, the elevator can lift it to higher levels. It is good for stories to tell at the bar with your friends. Everyone likes a good story with elevators involved. It shows your partner you are not afraid to take things to a higher level. Sex can be satisfying between consenting partners when the stakes of getting caught in public are on the table!

On a last note.

The elevator lady that was caught on cam was prosecuted for public nudity but got off with a fine. She made news and headlines all over the Asian continent. Rumor is that she started to enjoy all this fame and requests for interviews that she is now broadcasting somewhere from a very exclusive location erotic shows. After some research, a good sum of googling, and a lot of verifying, the erotic identity of the Sexy Asian Elevator lady is named Cute Joanne, she goes by this name on a very popular Asian live cam sex site and she has more videos online where she is nude in very dangerous public situations. Go check out those unique videos before they disappear online.

This article was written by TJ, with 6 images and 6 sex positions resources provided by Unique Asian Security Cam Sex Content provided by Swag.Live